Room 2 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

A People Pleaser's Guide to Salary Negotiation

Negotiating salaries is hard. It’s harder if you always want people to like you.

Work skills
Soft Skills

If you fall behind your peers and don’t reach your full earning potential. This talk demystifies negotiation and empowers the attendees to earn as much as their peers while staying true to their personality.

Key Learnings:
- Why negotiation is an equality issue
- How to prepare to negotiate
- Non-monetary benefits you can negotiate
- Components of a successful negotiation script
- “Power moves” that are polite

Colleen Lavin

Colleen Lavin is the lead Developer Advocate at Particle, with a background in software development and product management. She’s worked with NASA and was featured on Gimlet Media’s Startup podcast. When she’s not playing with robots or coding you can usually find her lost in the woods or on twitter (@colleencodes).