Room 2 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

A Teacher, an Economist and a Developer Walk Into a Bar

Have you ever wondered what a teacher, actor or economist could teach you about software development?

As software developers, we often lean on heuristics and truths that we collect throughout our career. For example: start small and scale up later, iterate and ship often, failure is learning, good enough is good enough. These are actually pretty powerful insights that can be applied in other areas and not just in software development.

So what about these other areas, like teaching, economics and acting? What do people in these industries and professions just “know”? And can we apply it to software development?

This talk takes a lighthearted look at several different professions and pulls these insights together to offer you a fresh perspective on your work.

Adele Carpenter

Adele is a software engineer at Trifork Amsterdam, where she is working on backend systems for the educational sector. Most of her work day is spent in the JVM/Spring ecosystems. Adele got the coding bug later in life but since then has been making up for lost time, going from command line noob to employed software engineer in just one year. Her experiences both in and out of tech have given her a unique perspective on the art of programming together with humans, which she hopes is useful to other humans who program with humans.