Room 3

16:20 - 17:20 (UTC+01)

Talk (60 min)

Cost cutting strategies for Azure Cosmos DB

Cosmos DB’s partition key distributes all requests and storage. In addition, partition key intelligently routes queries for efficiency.


Choosing the right partition key for your Azure Cosmos DB containers is an important task. In the first half of this session, I will explain how Physical and logical partitions work in Azure Cosmos DB.
We will explore the importance of indexing data properties. This step is critical in Cosmos DB just like many other databases. You can easily reduce your Azure Cosmos DB bill by indexing the right properties of your data. In the second half of this session, we will focus on expanding upon available index types of Cosmos DB. I will explain how to handle Indexing policies to include or exclude data properties.
Please join me as I share how to develop affordable, scalable, and fast Azure Cosmos DB solutions.

Hasan Savran

Hasan Savran is Microsoft Data Platform MVP and Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. He works at Progressive Insurance as a Business Intelligence Manager. He spends his days architecting cutting edge business solutions by using the latest Web and Database technologies.
Hasan has spoken at many SQL Saturdays, Code Camps and User groups. He is an active member of the HTML5 and WebAssembly W3C groups. He likes to write about SQL, Azure Cosmos DB, C#, and Front End development on his blog.