Room 3 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Distribu-ready with the Modular Monolith

The past few years have seen huge hype around distributed systems and microservices.


Pre-emptive implementation of a distributed architecture has led to many engineering teams struggling with vast complexity and sadly for many, the dreaded "Distributed Monolith".

Some teams are in such a pickle that they are even reverting their distributed applications back to a monolith.

I'm all for designing and developing for future growth, but there is a better way than diving straight into distributed architecture.

Behold, the Modular Monolith.

By design, the modular monolith is "distribu-ready" and in this session, we'll cover the design principles and implementations that make the modular monolith one of the best options for future-proofing your application whilst minimising complexity.

Layla Porter

Layla is a Microsoft MVP, Progress Champion, and 3 times GitHub Star.
She is passionate about enterprise software development and architecture. She has recently started bringing those architecture concepts into game development and live codes Unity game development on Twitch.
Layla lives in the UK with her husband Jim and dogs Lily and Cookie.