Room 5 

10:20 - 11:20 


Talk (60 min)

Fast, Secure and Dense: Finally Serverless with WebAssembly

WebAssembly lays the foundation for the third wave of cloud computing and allows us to build and run serverless applications without having to care about long clod-start times anymore.


Eliminating over-provisioning, allowing actual scale-to-zero and providing remarkable runtime performance. Join this session by Thorsten Hans and discover how you can build Serverless workloads using Spin and run them on different platforms, including Kubernetes, with open-source SpinKube.

Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans is a Sr. Cloud Advocate at Fermyon. He guides developers and teams through understanding, adopting, and mastering emerging technologies to build reliable software and embrace the next wave of cloud computing. As Microsoft MVP and Docker Captain, he keeps on sharing his experiments and knowledge with the developer community.