Room 3 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

From Dormant to Dynamic: Upcycling Documents with AI

Substantial proportions of valuable information lies dormant and undiscovered within documents, spanning formats like PDF, Word, and Excel.


This untapped reservoir of information is cumbersome to access in large quantities in meaningful ways until now.

The goal is to unlock the dormant potential within your day-to-day operations and customer datasets, turning it into accessible and actionable intelligence.

Imagine the possibilities when you revitalise and extract meaningful value from these documents using the latest user-friendly AI tools and APIs.

In this talk you will discover practical strategies for various levels of effort, from simple to when things start to get tough.

Bronwen Zande

Bronwen is a developer based in Brisbane who likes to play with new technology. She is an organiser of DDD Brisbane, a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, WTM Ambassador, Coralus (formally SheEO) activator and wildlife carer who loves to travel the world and take photos.