Room 3 

16:20 - 17:20 


Talk (60 min)

How hacking works - Web edition

Have you ever been hacked or wondered how people figure out how to compromise systems?


What tools do they use? What skill sets are involved? And how can you and your team gain knowledge on better securing your systems and service?
Let us venture on a journey into the wonderful world that is web exploitation and learn how to use gamified safe environments to build skillsets to help us write better and safer software. Because once you learn how to hack, you never go back. This session is all about exploiting web tech, so no binary voodoo or super low level skills required.

Espen Sande-Larsen

Espen is a developer and architect with over 25 years of experience. He has worked on everything from embedded systems, electronics and games to large scale cloud applications. He is as full-stack as they come. Espen started coding at age six on a C64, and has been cranking out software ever since.

He served as the principal architect, tech lead and lead security
engineer on the compensation scheme for Covid-19 suffering
businesses released by the Norwegian government.

Espen was the Senior VP of Technology Exploration for DNB in San Fransisco and is currently doing technology and security research in DNB NewTechLab.