Room 5 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

How Much Resources I Need?.. an Approach to Writing the Infra Code

Have you wondered where some magic numbers in your infrastructure code are coming from? X MB here, N replicas there...


This presentation will begin with a system design exercise, an overview of how we can express our design in the code defining the usage model of a system, and how our infrastructure deployment can benefit from this model. There will be a lot of code (mainly in CUE).

We'll finish with the insights on how some of the ideas of test driven development can help with our infrastructure code and deployments maintenance.

Roman Mazur

Roman spent the last decade working in the software engineering industry, implementing and designing systems that include web, mobile, cloud, and IoT components. Nowadays, he works on the game streaming solutions at Ubisoft.