Room 4 

15:00 - 16:00 


Talk (60 min)

How to protect yourself from the biggest Internet threats

Nowadays, there are many attack vectors an adversary can employ to either break into the system or impact its operations.


Oftentimes a successful attack is a clever combination of smaller vectors, which on their own do not seem very important or dangerous. That’s why to efficiently mitigate modern Internet threats the system should be built with the “defense in depth” in mind.

In this presentation we will discuss the various approaches and technical solutions Cloudflare implemented to protect infrastructure and services from the biggest Internet threats. We will review a layered approach to security starting from the Internet itself, then data centre networking, server and operating systems layers, application and service layers. We will see how the Internet today has become the global “security perimeter” and how to protect modern cloud workloads and corporate services.

Ignat Korchagin

Ignat is a systems engineer at Cloudflare working mostly on Linux, platforms and hardware security. Ignat’s interests are cryptography, hacking, and low-level programming. Before Cloudflare, Ignat worked as a senior security engineer for Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Division. His solutions may be found in many older Samsung smart phones and tablets. Ignat started his career as a security researcher in the Ukrainian government’s communications services.