Workshop Room 

15:00 - 16:00 


Workshop (60 min)

Part 2/2: Deep dive into git

In this two hour workshop, we’ll cover all advanced topics of git:


How does git work?

  • What is a DAG, SHA, patch, and a commit?
  • What are branches and tags?
  • How do you solve merge conflicts?
  • How do you manipulate your history using commit amend, reset, rebase, and cherry-pick?
  • How do you work with the stash?
  • How do you search in git?

Furthermore, the workshop is pact with practical tips that help you to work with git: the right configuration, auto-correct of commands, recording merges, and many more.

The workshop is designed for developers that already have a basic knowledge of git but learned it through try and error. But it is also suitable for developers that are new to git and only have experience in other version control systems.

Prerequisites for the session are a local git installation, a text editor, and a free GitHub account.

Michael Kaufmann

Michael Kaufmann is a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and the CEO of Xpirit Germany. Mike has been working as a .net developer and architect for more than 20 years. In addition to implementing agile techniques (like scrum), ALM and DevOps practices, he is an Azure architect and a Clean Code addict. He shares his knowledge in books, trainings, his blog, articles and as a speaker and keynote speaker at international conferences.