Room 3 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

Securing SPAs and Blazor Applications using the BFF (Backend for Frontend) Pattern

Modern web development means that more and more application code is running in the browser. Traditionally this has been JavaScript but more recently there has been the trend to use C#/WASM with Blazor.


These modern applications typically also need authentication and single-sign-on as well as token-based security for calling APIs – in other words OpenID Connect and OAuth 2. There are different patterns for securing such applications and this session covers some of the pitfalls of the various approaches, especially given the ever-changing browser landscape. We will conclude with the “backend for frontend” (or BFF) pattern which has become the most secure and stable of these approaches.

Anders Abel

Anders is a senior software architect with extensive experience in security solutions. He has helped implementing IdentityServer in organizations over the world, often in combination with his Saml2 packages. Since 2021, Anders works with Duende Software Inc on designing and implementing authentication solutions built on IdentityServer.