Room 2 

17:40 - 18:40 


Talk (60 min)

Test-Driven Leadership: Crafting Testable Strategies

In the realm of software development, Test-Driven Development (TDD) has long been hailed for its ability to ensure robust, error-free code.

Soft Skills

This session endeavours to transpose the principles of TDD into the leadership domain, introducing a novel approach dubbed as "Test-Driven Leadership."

Over the talk, we'll delve into the core aspects of Test-Driven Leadership, starting with the identification of testable leadership principles. We’ll explore how setting measurable objectives, creating testable leadership hypotheses, and identifying key metrics for verification can foster a culture of continuous improvement and assured success. Then, we’ll touch upon designing strategies that are structured around measurable outcomes, incorporating feedback loops, and utilising A/B testing in decision-making - drawing a parallel to the red-green-refactor cycle in TDD.

As we transition to the practical aspects of implementing and refining these testable strategies, real-world examples will spotlight how this approach has been instrumental in driving success in various organisational settings. The session will also address common challenges encountered in this journey and provide solutions and best practices to overcome them.

Join us in unfolding how the essence of Test-Driven Development can be reimagined to pioneer a culture of Test-Driven Leadership, bridging the chasm between theoretical principles and verifiable, real-world success.

Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy started his career as a Software Engineer but, after a decade in technology leadership, he decided to focus on teaching the skills that he learnt the hard way. When he moved into leadership there was no support, so he had to make all the mistakes (a lot of them!) and learn from them.

His goal is now to make sure that tech leaders don’t have to do things the hard way by providing them with the mindsets and skillsets that can make them happy, confident and effective leaders.

His company, Tech Leaders Launchpad, currently focuses specifically on the new and emerging leader space, as that's the place we can have the biggest impact on the students, and the industry.