Room 3 

13:40 - 14:40 


Talk (60 min)

What the Premier League can teach us about Zero Trust

The Zero Trust security model of ‘perimeter-less’ security is gaining a lot of hype. Network security can no longer be relied on in this world where we work from everywhere.

However, successfully implementing Zero Trust is challenging, since it cannot rely on a single product or reference architecture. Zero Trust is an approach which requires cooperation among multiple products not initially designed to work together in a secure and cohesive way.
When I first explored the concepts at the heart of Zero Trust, I realized that I was already familiar with these paradigms from the architecture of video security systems. Video is the ultimate ‘zero trust’ challenge because content providers do not have much (any!) faith in their viewers, and assume a constant threat of piracy.
This talk is for everyone who wants to build a secure system. You will leave this talk with an understanding of what Zero Trust is and isn't, beyond the buzzwords. We will explore the principles of Zero Trust, including an overview of concepts that can be used to build a zero trust system, such as a Trusted Computing Base (TCB), a chain of trust vs. trusted third parties, managed vs. unmanaged devices, identity authentication and cloning prevention. We will discuss what we can learn from video security, in order to design and implement a robust perimeter-less security model.

Michal Davidson

Michal Davidson is a Principal Architect at Dell Technologies.
She’s developed and designed systems on chips (SoCs), secure mobile platforms, secure protocols and the security of end-to-end systems both on-premise and in the cloud.
She has been a guest lecturer for academic courses in Computer Security and System Design and Development.
She believes strongly in promoting diversity in Tech. Her motto is “Think like a hacker”.