Apache Kafka Event streaming platform for .NET developers

When it comes time to choose a distributed messaging system, everyone knows the answer: Apache Kafka. But how about when you’re on the hook to choose a world-class, horizontally scalable stream data processing system? When you need not just publish and subscribe messaging, but also long-term storage, a flexible integration framework, and a means of deploying real-time stream processing applications at scale without having to integrate many different pieces of infrastructure yourself? The answer is still Apache Kafka.

In this talk, Viktor will give a rapid-fire review of the breadth of Kafka as an event streaming data platform. You will see its internal architecture, including how it partitions messaging workloads in a fault-tolerant way and how it provides message durability. Viktor will explain Kafka’s approach to pub/sub messaging and how .NET/C# developers can laverage a framework for computation over streaming data.