Design for your NEXT User: Diverse User Experience Across Cultures

Rising internet penetration is creating the next tier of users, and it’s nothing like the first round of globalization. Developers are reaching into lesser developed markets, and going deeper into culture, where relevance is a barrier to engagement. Your user is expecting to be met in their language and cultural context, which means a different customer experience for the same product.

Enter a new era of digital relevance and engagement, where as technology levels borders, customer preferences reinstate them. Review case studies of user interfaces in Asia that are optimized for mobile browsing, mobile payment systems spreading through Africa, and “lite” apps designed for emerging mobile user segments in India. Explore how experiences are being redesigned for mobile screen dimensions, AI is taking us back to one-on-one customer relationships, and how native language customization is critical for voice searches.

Understand the cultural elements in digital communication through localization strategies specific to digital and mobile forums, including why emojis aren’t universal, and explore cultural preferences for layout, site navigation, animation, color, and sound in digital media.

A cultural “revolution” in mobile is underway that leverages fintech, AI-driven enhancements, and social selling for a localized, inclusive customer journey. Your digital content is designed for a few markets, but consumed globally as mobile data access yields unprecedented access across national borders. In cultural competency awaits the opportunity for innovation and global excellence.