GraphQL, gRPC or REST? Resolving the API Developer's Dilemma

GraphQL, gRPC, REST and WebHooks are among a bewildering array of technologies and architectural styles that are available to API developers today. Presented with such myriad options, how can we be confident of making an appropriate decision for the problem at hand? In search of guidance, developers often turn to online communities. This can exacerbate the problem as discussions about API styles often descend into statements about the superiority of one approach over another being presented as universal truths. Such comments invariably earn emotive rebuttals that also lack sufficient nuance. The result of such exchanges is increased confusion and uncertainty. Join me on a tour of these API styles where we will cut through this noise, demonstrate where each style shines (plus where they don't!) and ultimately resolve this dilemma of choice.

In this session we'll take an in-depth look at API design; the best practices that have evolved; the game changing supporting technologies that are now available including HTTP/2; and most importantly what you need to do to deliver a world class developer experience:

- How to determine the suitability of an API style for your application context. Don't be a victim of technology hype!
- What is required to support graceful evolution of the API contract including the potential implications of both Hyrum's Law and the Law of Implicit Interfaces
- Understand the supporting toolchains and technologies that dovetail with each API style.
- The importance of treating your API as a product with an unwavering focus on improving the ease of consumption for your clients.

By the end of the session, you will not only understand the concepts underpinning these various API styles but also have the knowledge to put them into practice. If you want to take to your API design expertise to the next level, then this is the session for you. See you there!