Rock Your Code Reviews

Dr. Michaela Greiler will talk about the most common pain points of code reviews: slow review turn-around times and low feedback quality. Many people intuitively assume a relationship between code review speed and feedback quality. And indeed, she was able to verify the impact review speed has on feedback quality while leading various teams at Microsoft on implementing more effective and efficient code review practices. But there are important nuances to take into account.

Dr. Greiler will also present the latest code review research and talk about her experience helping many different product teams inside and outside of Microsoft improve their code review experience. She will zoom in on the various ways code review speed impacts review quality and highlight how continuous feedback cycles can help software engineering teams achieve their goals of increased software quality and code velocity.

After the talk, participants will know the secrets of high-performing teams and which strategies engineers at companies such as Microsoft or Google follow to ensure code reviews are fast and effective.