Workshop: Designing Microservices

There is lots of theory out there about microservice architecture, but how often do you get to put that knowledge into practice? It's not feasible to re-architect your real system often, and certainly not in a single day, or is it? This brand new workshop from the author of Building Microservices gives you a safe space to explore ideas behind microservice architectures with peers from other organisations.

In this workshop, we'll share some framing for microservice architectures that explore the various forces that can drive the design and evolution of microservices, and then you'll participate in a series of interactive architectural kata exercises to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Afterwards, you'll have a series of tools to take back to your own organisations to put into practice.

What you will learn:

  • Understand what makes a good microservice
  • Learn how to use concepts from domain-driven design to define service boundaries
  • Understand how to plan and manage a migration from a monolith to the microservice architecture
  • Understand how technical choices can impact the architecture itself
  • Learn about managing change and governance in a microservice environment

This is a participatory workshop. You won't get to just sit there and watch – the more you participate in the workshop, the more you'll get out!